9 String Theory and Barynya at Steve's Live Music (12 февраля 2016 года)

Город Атланта: календарь

Mikhail Smirnov and Elina Karokhina from Barynya will be joining 9 String Theory.

12 февраля 2016 года, 6 часов 30 минут вечера

Steve’s Live Music
234 Hilderbrand Drive
Sandy Springs, Georgia

Цена билета
Online $10.00
At the Door $15.00

The finest instrumental music from around the world finds a fresh new voice in 9 String Theory: the unique musical collaboration of Russian domra virtuoso Angelina Galashenkova­Reed and award­winning American classical guitarist John Huston. 9 String Theory performs music of great variety and intense virtuosity, evoking musical traditions both ancient and modern, sharing with audiences the world’s diverse musical culture.

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